Research field

Shells, finite element technology and isogeometric analysis

Development of numerical simulation methods for the design of shell structures and continua at the Institute for Structural Mechanics: Finite elements with higher robustness and efficiency, free from locking effects, independent of the discretization scheme.

The goal of this research field is the development of reliable and efficient numerical simulation tools for the design of shell structures and continua. Reliability is given if the developed methods provide robust results of high quality in various problem setups. The branch of research called Finite Element Technology addresses the removal of locking effects and the accompanying improvement of the behaviour of finite elements. This improvement is usually also efficiency-enhancing, since good results can be achieved with less computational effort. Although finite element technology has been an important branch of research in computational mechanics for decades, there are still unanswered questions today. In addition, the rapid development of new smooth discretization concepts in the context of isogeometric analysis (IGA) entails completely new requirements for finite element technology and offers scope for innovative new developments. Especially for the numerical simulation of shells and contact processes, the IGA is a promising alternative to classical finite element analysis.

Schematic Overview of research projects of the IBB in the field of Shells, FEM and IGA. (c)
Examples of simulations in the research field of shells, FEM und IGA

Senior researcher:

Bastian Oesterle

Bastian Oesterle


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