EFB-Projektpreis 2020, prize awarded to Tobias Willmann

March 3, 2020

[Picture: EFB e.V.]

One of IBB's members, Tobias Willmann, and his project partner Alexander Wessel (Fraunhofer IWM Freiburg) received the prize "EFB-Projektpreis 2020" for being responsible in the research project "Verbesserte Blechumformsimulation durch 3D-Werkstoffmodelle und erweiterte Schalenformulierungen" on improved sheet metal forming simulations.

The prize is awarded every year by the European Research Association for Sheet Metal Working (EFB) to projects, that were evaluated the best in the previous year. It decorates young scientists who worked on and finished an EFB project in an outstanding way - both scientifically and project-oriented.

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