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The Institute of Structural Mechanics contributes lectures to the programs in Civil Engineering, Computational Mechanics of Materials and Structures (COMMAS), Integrative Technologies and Architectural Design Research (ITECH) and Simulation Technology. In civil engineering, the area of structural mechanics ('Baustatik und Baudynamik') bridges the gap between the theoretical basics from mechanics ('Technische Mechanik') and the practical topics in analysis and design of engineering structures ('konstruktive Fächer').

Beside the lectures on structural mechanics the institute offers a wide spectrum of special courses (e.g. on shells and finite elements), with an emphasis on computational methods. These lectures provide an insight into both practical and science related aspects of structural mechanics.


All students have to register for the exams during the official period online in C@mpus. Belated registrations can not be accepted. You have to register also for retake exams.

Please check during the registration period whether your exam registrations are stored correctly in C@mpus. Please print a current "Leistungsübersicht" including your exam registration as a proof in cases of doubt.

If you have problem with the exams registration, please contact  during the registration period.

Important information for Erasmus Students:
Each Semester we receive numerous requests for offering extra exams for Erasmus students because they have to return to their home universities before the scheduled exam. According to the pertinent course regulations and in the spirit of equal treatment of all students, this is not possible. Please organize your learning agreement together with your Erasmus coordinator and check for prospective exam dates before your stay and before taking classes.

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