Equipment at the institute

Informations about the Institute's Multimedia lecture room and the Institute's Library

Multimedia lecture room

At the start of summer term 2007 the Institute for Structural Mechanics at the Faculty for Civil and Environmental Engineering opened its new Multimedia lecture room ("MMHS").

Pfaffenwaldring 7, room 1.155

The lecture room offers work stations for students with PCs with 24'' flatscreens and a multimedia lectern for the lecturer. Embedded into the lectern is a PC and flatscreen. Of course there is also the possibility to connect laptops. Moreover, the projector and the room lighting can be controlled from the lectern.


Access to MMHS

Doors to the Multimedia lecture room are equipped with access control. Students that actively participate in the institute's lectures can register to get access via their "ecus" student card.

The access authorization for the Multimedia lecture room is personal. It is prohibited specifically to grant access to other students.

The registration is carried out at the secretariat of the Institute for Structural Mechanics (room 1.003). Please bring if possible, the completed application form.


To log in to the PCs in the Multimedia lecture room please use your log-in data for TIK-driven PC-pools that you received from the admissions office during your enrollment. If you haven't received this data yet, please contact the helpdesk at TIK.

Forwarding your log-in data (user name and password) is not permitted.


User regulations

The use of the Multimedia lecture room is subjected to conditions in "Benutzungsordnung für die digitale Informationsverarbeitung und Kommunikationstechnik (IuK) an der Universität Stuttgart" from December 18th, 2006.

The lecture room is also used for the purpose of teaching. Hence, lectures and exercises always take priority over your free practicing. We would like to ask you to leave the work stations in time for the beginning of a lecture or exercise. The hung up schedule at the entrance tells you, when there are any lectures or exercises.

Code of behavior

  • All components of the Multimedia lecture room are to be treated with care and respect.
  • Any form of eating and drinking is strictly forbidden inside MMHS.
  • In the interest of others, please keep all noise to a minimum.
  • Installing any software on the PCs is strictly forbidden.
  • If you leave MMHS you are not allowed to lock a PC.
    Please log off and power off the monitor after your use.
  • Leaving the door of MMHS open is not permitted.
  • While using any software, offer of information, documentation or other data, the legal provisions (particularly the ones considering copyright and trademark protection) as well as the terms of a license, that are the basis for the usage of the software or documentation, are to be followed.

The access authorization of users that culpably violate the provisions of this code of behavior can get limited or canceled, temporarily or permanently.

Institute's Library

The Institute posesses an Institute's Library with an emphasis on the topics Statics, Structural Mechanics and Finite Element Methods.

  • 6332 Volumes (Textbooks, Journals, Proceedings, Theses, etc.)
  • 20 Current Journals
  • Reference Library
  • Almost Complete Collection of Textbooks on Finite Element Methods in Structural Mechanics since its early days


  • Mathematical Basics of Mechanics
  • Continuum Mechanics
  • Structural Mechanics
  • Stability of Structures
  • Shells and Plates
  • Structural Dynamics
  • Structural Optimization
  • Computer Methods in Structural Mechanics
  • Finite Element Methods


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