Program "StaR2", "SmartQuake" app, Onlinegame "Baustatik", use of Maple

At the Institute for Structural Mechanics several software is used in lectures and exercises. Besides commercial finite element software (e.g. Ansys) and computer algebra systems (e.g. Maple, Matlab) this also includes the use of "StaR2", a structural truss analysis software that is developed at the institute.


The program Maple (mathematical manipulation language) is a computer algebra system (CAS) for algebra, analysis, numerical analysis, and many other branches of mathematics. It is developed and distributed by Waterloo Maple Inc.

A current version of Maple is installed in the Multimedia-Lectureroom of the Institute for Structural Mechanics, where it can e.g. be used for home exercises. Student licenses of Maple are available for about 100 € for example from asknet or directly from Maplesoft.


Introduction to Maple (zipped folder contains Maple-Worksheet)

Multimedia lecture room

A wide field of software is available at the institute's Multimedia lecture room. Students that actively participate in the institute's lectures or write their theses at the institute can register to get access via their "ecus" student card.


This image shows Malte von Scheven

Malte von Scheven


Deputy Head of Institute

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