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Informations about modules and theses for Master students

Changes in English taught modules from 2023 on

For the possibility to better combine studying modules "Finite Elemente" (German) and "Advanced Finite Element Technology", from 2023 on "Advanced Finite Element Technology" will be offered in winter terms.

As a compensation, module "Computational Mechanics of Shell Structures" will be offered in summer terms.

In the following semesters, modules will be offered as follows:

winter term 2022/23 Computational Mechanics of Shell Structures
summer term 2023 Computational Mechanics of Shell Structures
winter term 2023/24 Advanced Finite Element Technology
summer term 2024 Computational Mechanics of Shell Structures

Modules in summer term 2023

Modules in winter term 2021/2022

Master Theses

Topics for master theses

  1. Form finding of self-stressed tensegrity structures using rank minimization
  2. Implementation of an adaptive parallel arc-length method
  3. Implementation and comparison of different methods for the exact calculation of critical points
  4. Project Chrono
  5. Redundancy Distribution in Reduced Models
  6. Reliability of Redundant Frame Structures

Interested in a topic?

Contact Malte von Scheven to get your desired topic. He can provide you with further information and requirements for the individual topics and will then search for a supervising employee.


All theses can be written both in German and in English - independently from the formulation of the scope of work that is uploaded on this website.
The topics are also not assigned to special study programs.
In addition, we are open for your own suggestions of feasible theses topics. Please contact us.

Master thesis in cooperation with industry

General remarks

Many companies offer topics for master theses. In this context, the following points need clarification:

  1. Industrial companies are not in the position to offer a thesis. Only university staff is eligible to do this. Thus, strictly speaking, these offers lack legal justification.
  2. This fact does not exclude the possibility of accepting the thesis topic, but the lead is clearly on the university side. It is the responsibility of the company to establish relations to institutions that are eligible and willing to advise a master theses in cooperation with the company. Ideally, this is done before launching the offer of a thesis.
  3. Sometimes, cooperation with university professors has been negotiated by the companies beforehand. In these cases, it needs to be checked whether the corresponding professor is authorised to conduct examinations in the respective study programme. Otherwise, he or she can not advise a thesis without further consulting the examination comittee (Prüfungsausschuss).

Master thesis at the IBB

If you have identified a thesis topic offered by a company, which you think fits the profile of IBB, please proceed as follows:

  1. Find out, whether the company has already made agreements with different possible advisors (in the spirit of the 3rd point above).
  2. If this is not the case, ask the company to provide a draft of a task description following the format used by IBB and get into contact with us (mail to You can take the thesis offers above as templates.

Completed Theses

An overview of completed theses can be found here.

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