Award for teaching excellence goes to Manfred Bischoff

Award for teaching excellence goes to Manfred Bischoff

July 25, 2019

The director of the Institute for Structural Mechanics, Prof. Manfred Bischoff, was awarded the “Lehrpreis 2018” by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Sciences of the University of Stuttgart.

The award decision is not taken by the faculty but by the students on the basis of an online poll. In her laudation, the student of civil engineering Silke Schönstedt highlighted Bischoff’s ability to get across in a seemingly easy manner the technically demanding basics of structural mechanics (“Baustatik”), being one of the most selective compulsory courses in the bachelor program in civil engineering. She appreciated his and his entire team’s extraordinary dedication beyond the usual teaching and research activities, including his “swabian poetry” and his formidable presence in various festive occasions in the department throughout the year.

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