Gastvortrag von Anton Tkachuk: Effect of a Simple Corrosion Correction on Sizing of Truss Structures

18. Juli 2024, 15:00 Uhr

Ehemaliges Institutsmitglied Anton Tkachuk hält einen Vortrag über seine aktuelle Forschung an der Karlstad University, Sweden

Zeit: 18. Juli 2024, 15:00 – 16:00 Uhr
Veranstaltungssprache: englisch
Veranstaltungsort: Raum 1.155 (Multimedia-Hörsaal)
Pfaffenwaldring 7
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The effect of stiffness and strength reduction due to corrosion is rarely included in truss structure layout, topology, or sizing optimization. An example of a corrosion correction for steel truss roof structure sizing can be found in [1]. A simple correction for cross-sectional stiffness reduction is proposed here to illustrate the significance of the effect for a series of 2D structures. The correction is based on a simple corrosion model and considers the exposure angle and face orientation of surfaces [2]. The formulation is presented either for fixed width or fixed aspect ratio rectangular cross-sections, where the affine or nearly affine dependency of the weight objective and the compliance constraint on the design parameters is possible. The compliance constraint for the quasi-static problem is treated as a linear matrix inequality [3]. The Matlab implementation uses the package for disciplined convex programming CVX [4] to treat the linear matrix inequality.

[1] Aydoğdu, A. Y., Artar, M., & Ergün, M. Optimum weight design of steel truss roof systems considering corrosion effect. Structures 2023:49; 88-105.
[2] Javier E Rodrı́guez-Yáñez, Sebastián Feliu Batlle, Jean Sanabria-Chinchilla, and José Félix Rojas-Marı́n. Combined effect of the exposure angle and face orientation on the atmospheric corrosion behavior of low carbon steel. Electrochimica Acta, 439: 141567, 2023.
[3] Kanno, Yoshihiro. Nonsmooth mechanics and convex optimization. Crc Press, 2011.
[4] Michael Grant and Stephen Boyd. CVX: Matlab software for disciplined convex programming, version 2.0 beta. , September 2013.

Zum Vortragenden
Anton Tkachuk ist ehemaliges Institutsmitglied des Instituts für Baustatik und Baudynamik und hat dort sowohl promoviert als auch habilitiert. Mittlerweile ist er als Associate Professor im Maschinenbau, Karlstad University, Schweden, tätig.

Anton Tkachuk
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